Innova DF-1 FV

Information about product

INNOVA DF APS FV-1 is a device that revolutionized the fiscal devices market in Poland. Innovative solutions made ​​it possible to create a device with the best technical parameters while maintaining a small size. Thanks to a very good price-quality ratio it is available for all types of institutions. The printer is equipped with a reliable print engine which provides 150 km printing, 2 milion paper cuttings and 225 mm / sec print speed. At the same time it is one of the few devices available on the market with quick paper loading mechanism. The device has many options and you can customize for a particular institution. The printer is available only with INNOVA EJ electronic copy module. An added advantage of the product is the ability to print invoices.

Technical details

Database of products: 185 000
Print engine:
- Thermal (APS)
- Print 40 characters per line
- Print speed: 225 mm / sec. (72 lines / sec.)
- Paper width: 80 mm and length of 90 m
- Operator: Alphanumeric 2 lines of 20 characters: (VFD or LCD)
Selection of the control voltage drawer for money (the printer menu): 6 V, 12 V, 24 V
Communication with PC:
- RS232C, USB
INNOVA EJ electronic copy module:
- Maintenance-free
- Capacity sufficient for the entire life span
Access to receipt copies:
- USB printer 
- MENU printer
- Insert of the module into the computer (USB)
- Available for the user - protected against theft
price: 2890,00 PLN (netto) | 3554,70 PLN (brutto)