Financial data

   In the years 2001 – 2012 INNOVA has achieved a financial balance through properly implementing the sales revenue, ensuring profit generation, achieving optimum relations in the structure of assets and its sources of financing and taking care of appropriate social relations and mutual respect for all economic organization’s participants’ expectations.

   A stable financial base is a solid guarantee for our business partners and one of the main requirements to ensure the competitiveness of the company. Currently, the company is perceived as a brand and its products are becoming more and more appreciated. The turnover and sales increase each month.

   Acquired cash is used to pay all due outstandings and to secure the optimal level of stock. A secure resource base, both tangible and financial, proves INNOVA’s integrity and allows the company to take on demanding projects.

   In line with the principle of transparency and reliability of the information, we present INNOVA’s financial statements, which provide the  information on the economic situation of INNOVA joint-stock company.

Bilans i rachunek zysków i strat za rok obrotowy 2012 r.

Komentarz Zarządu INNOVA SA do opublikowanych wyników finansowych